Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Blog Host - Squarespace

This is a boring / important post.

I am experimenting with hosting the blog via Squarespace instead of blogger, where this blog has been for five years, since I started it. I like Squarespace and it looks crisp and tidy, plus I'm worried that blogger will do a reader and be turned off at little notice, so I'm happier in a new home. Although much will depend with how the functionality goes. I may return to blogger, who knows.

Anyway, you may need to update your RSS feeds etc etc (and I'm aware some old URL / links have been broken, I'm trying to fix that but will take a while).

I think the new RSS feed, which you may need to put into whatever you use is

The feedburner has seemingly got that right:

This site, blogspot, will no longer update. www, will post from squarespace.

Let me know if you've got any problems and I'll try and help.

The Bulls - New Music "Introducing"


When I looked at the press picture of The Bulls (the one attached to this blog) I thought 'that looks like Anna from The Airborne Toxic Event'.  Probably because it is. The Bulls is a newly formed side project of Anna Bulbrook and The Duke Spirit’s guitarist, Marc Sallis, their debut track "Come Unwound" simply a beauty.

A marriage of both bands influences results in a hazy wash of gorgeousness where hypnotising guitars, sumptuous strings and dreamy vocals merge together with dazzling results, softening, brooding and heavenly. It makes news of a forthcoming EP an appetising one.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Souvenir Stand #5 - Only Talkin'


I'm sure you'll forgive this little Beautiful Strange update. A couple of weeks back my little label released its fourteenth release and one of my favourites (I'd probably say that about every one to be honest), Surprise by Souvenir Stand.

The 7" released features two brilliant new tracks from New Jersey's Stephanie Cupo (hopefully you've already heard "Fall). This post is to bring you up to date with the releases' flip side "Only Talkin'", a concise, infectious, perfect pop single that you should be playing whilst getting ready to watch American Horror Story Freakshow...
Freaky clowns... eek!

Both tracks can be streamed and the 7" purchased via Bandcamp now (US via Stephanie here).

Lily & Madeleine #6 - Rabbit


The release date of Lily & Madeleine's second album Fumes draws ever nearer (October 27th via Asthmatic Kitty Records) and to stir up yet more anticipation the sibling duo have shared new track "Rabbit" from the record, it follows "The Wolf Is Free" and similarly exudes a rich, expansive melody, here more boundless and bright than we've seen before.

The restrained intimacy which made up much of the Lily & Madeleine album (still only one year old) has been traded in for stirring, layered instrumentation with strong string work propelling "Rabbit" forward amongst the sister's ever-pretty entwined vocals, they remain crystal clear and beautiful leaving you wrapped in a warming glow and joy. That will do for me...

Monday, 13 October 2014

Switches - 15 Beers


Canadian quartet Switches arrive in my ears (via GFP's recommendation) with"15 Beers", the first track taken from their forthcoming debut LP I Just Wanna, seemingly due as soon as November 4th.

It introduces a band who seem to be having a whole lot of fun, a sure to be sweaty live juggernaut where fast-paced, punky rhythm section and swirling, pysche keys combine with snarly, girl gang harmonies to create a joyous, uninhibited three mintues of joy. Get hooked below.

Greta Isaac - Down By The Water


I've been following Greta Isaac for a long time now. I can remember first hearing about the Welsh singer songwriter through the very sadly defunct Flying With Anna website a couple of years ago. Time has of course passed and Down By The Water, a four track EP due next Monday is Greta's official debut release (and is available to order via iTunes now).

It (re)introduces a pure, delicate sound with intelligent lyrics and understated delivery that you could imagine being played at both your local folk night or on your Grandparents wireless. Think The Staves crossed with Mountain Man (oh, where art thou?!).

News of the release comes accompanied with a video to the lead, title, track and sees Greta joined by her sister Miriam on a timeless, captivating duet, they harmonise beautifully throughout in a style that is graceful and gently drifting as the soft, pared voices and a clean, wandering acoustic guitar melody weave in and around each other effortlessly. The result; Gorgeous.